Friday, December 11, 2009

1/2 marathon

WARNING......This is a long long long post get a coke and a snack before you begin !!!

I did it I ran 13.1 freakin miles !!!! Who ever would have thought...... Not me I remember thinking around mile 5 of the last 10k I ran in October why would anyone run any farther than this, but then I got an email about a half marathon coming up in January and I got thinking hmmmm. So I kinda started training, I made up my mind and I was going to do it in January !!!! Then I noticed that there was the LasVegas rock n' roll marathon and half marathon in December. I was telling a co-worker how I wished I would have known about this sooner because that would probably be alot of fun....I mean who doesnt love a good trip to vegas !!!! Then she was like just do it you can do it. So after debating for a good two minutes it was decided I was going to do it I had three weeks to train why not !!! ha ha Let me just tell you about those three weeks of training..... I think has honestly been the worst three weeks of me working out in 3 years seriously, 1st I decided that I was going to do 13 miles on the treadmill just to know in my head I could do it. Good plan right well the treadmill didnt think so at mile 10 it died. I could kinda smell something buring after the 1st hour and I figured it was our furnice kicking on... nope it was the treadmill oops. (thankfully after about three days miraclsy it started working again ) 2. Then there was the day I decided to run outside, side note I hate running out side AHHHHHH its cold and I didnt dress right because I didnt was to get to warm ( I didnt stop to thing that its me I have never been too warm in my intire life ) but .... im going to "try" to run more outside (after the snow melts and it gets like 80 ) until then I see no reason to venture outside, the great outdoors they are not !!! So basically my training was sucky almost non-existant but...I had paid my money and told way to many people so I was going to do it evan if it took all day. So race day comes and me and 30,000.00 other people line the LasVegas strip to run, the whole strip was blocked off so you had to walk to the race almost from the exit ramp on the freeway (im not exagrating) the race started at 6:15 a.m ( yah I know thats when you go to sleep in vegas not get up but....) I finally started running at about 7:00 and then after 2hrs and 25mins I finished !!!! It was really not that bad you basically ran up one side of the strip took a few extra blocks then ran back down the other side, so there was tons of stuff to look at( running elvis's people getting married durning the race ect...), so it was alot easier than I thought it was going to be. One of my friends that runs alot told me if you can run 10miles then you can do it. I already knew I could run 6 cause thats how long the 10k's are so I wouldnt even let my self start thinking this was hard till after mile 6. When I got to mile 6 and kept running I was kinda nervouse because I have never ran farther than that in a race but some how I missed mile 7 then it was 8 and I was like I only have two more till mile 10. Then by then we were already back to the strip so I just kept telling my self just run to the manadlay bay and youre done thats all you have to do just keep running. Let me tell you I was extatic to turn into that parking lot. So here is my picture after the race !!! please forgive the dorky pose I obviouly wastn thinking staight after just running 13.1 miles.


  1. I am so proud of you! That is a lOOOng run. I miss you!!

  2. Candi....You are seriously my inspirations! You are so dang awesome and I didn't know that you were expecting! YEAH YEAH YEAH! Grandma Shelli is going to be such a good Grandma! Anyway, just know that you are so awesome and such an inspiration!! Congratulations 13.1 miles is alot of miles:)